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BWE Program Overview

Most of BWE's services and programs are free, mission driven and are designed to increase a small business owner's bottom line.

BWE Business Plan Workshops [registration form]

The Business Plan Workshop is a monthly program that requires a commitment of attending 4 consecutive sessions, homework and a weekly telephone consultation. Each workshop is a prerequisite for the next. This concentrated workshop series will yield a proficient business plan, complete with Executive Statement, Organization Chart, Company Analysis, Industry Analysis, Market Analysis, Management Analysis, Strategic Planning Analysis, Financial Analysis and Financial Statements.

Every Business Entity Needs a Business Plan and Strategies to...

  • Raise Capital in any Economy

  • Develop Your Unique Selling Advantage

  • Dramatically Improve Profits

  • Provide Critical Elements Required by Investors, Lenders & Buyers

MBE/WBE Certification Technical Assistance [registration form]

The BWE MBE/WBE Certification Technical Assistance service is tailored to the minority business enterprise and/or the woman business enterprise who seek MBE/WBE certification with New York State Empire Development Corporation, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City Department of Small Business Services, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and/or National Women’s Business Owners Corporation.

BWE will provide certification technical assistance from beginning to submission for MBE/WBE firms that meet the following pre-qualifying criteria...

  • Established a Minimum of One Year in Business

  • Filed Corporate Tax Return or Schedule C

  • 51% Minority Owned & Directed Enterprise & or

  • 51% Woman Owned & Directed Enterprise

One to One Business Counseling

BWE interviews BWE member, identifies obstacle and / or need in business, then remedies situation with proper resources and or referrals. One to One Business Counseling meets every Thursday at BWE headquarters. These, private, one to one business counseling sessions with Professor Joseph Schwartz and/or BWE President Gina Hill Slater Parker, allow BWE to support business growth ranging from start ups to IPO's. However, due to the overwhelming demand for these consultations, they are available for by appointment only.

How to Do Business with the Federal Government?

A successful ongoing program, that meets every second Tuesday of the month, at BWE headquarters. A collaborative effort with Sol Soskin, Director of Procurement and Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) of Long Island Development Corporation, meets with small business owners and walks them through the federal government procurement process. A maze like procurement process that requires technical support and normally requires several meetings to navigate and complete.

Entrepreneurial Workshop Series

This extremely successful entrepreneurial workshop series has had a strong economic impact on our members and our community, by creating substantial procurement opportunities through vendor certifications, registrations and networking with agency directors. BWE is outreaching, identifying and delivering newly certified Minority Business Enterprises and Women Business Enterprises, with the following procurement agencies; Nassau County, Suffolk County, The Federal Government, New York State Empire State Development, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, The Dormitory Authority State of New York, New York City Small Business Services, New York City School Construction Authority, National Women's Business Owners Corporation, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Fortune 500 corporations.

General Membership Meetings

An evening networking dinner event hosted and sponsored by a BWE corporate partner at one of their flagship corporate properties. An opportunity for the corporate sponsor to reinforce their commitment to BWE members, build and reinforce relationships with BWE members and introduce product line/service. As well as an occasion for the business owner to network with BWE membership, build and reinforce relationships with corporate partner, introduce their product line/service, identify procurement opportunity and file vendor registration and or M/WBE certification with corporate partner. Normally 125 - 200 people in attendance.

Holiday Expo

The ultimate Business to Business showcase. Products, services and information exchange of BWE members, BWE corporate partners and
New York's business community.

Venue - The New Huntington Town House.

Black Rose Entrepreneurial Awards Luncheon & Annual Meeting

BWE, fellow business leaders and corporate partners join in a historical initiative to identify and pay tribute to
New York State's women business owners of color. An annual luncheon celebration honoring women business owners of all ethnic backgrounds: Asian, Latina, Native American and Black. The Black Rose is the rarest of the roses. The Black Woman Business Owner is the rarest of the entrepreneurs, especially in the private and government procurement process. Women business owners of color are making valuable contributions to our nation's economy and society. BWE is the only association that recognizes and honors woman business owners of color in New York State.

Women of Color Wellness Conference

Women of color die ten years earlier than their white counterparts regardless of education and economic status. Women of color are more likely to be head of the household and responsible for family's healthcare. Women of color lack trust and have difficulty accessing quality affordable health care. A healthy woman of color will yield a healthy woman business owner of color. Woman business owners of color need a wealth of information in order to provide their employees and themselves with competitive comprehensive health insurance.

Sister to Sister Conversations

The only program limited to general members only. Traditionally small business owners do not receive diversity training. BWE feels it is necessary for black women business owners to have diversity education and training. This unique program addresses and minimizes cultural collision in the work place, decreases liabilities, increases productivity and sales. And most importantly addresses how to constructively cope with sexism and racism in business situations. The Sister to Sister Conversations are all round table discussions to speak on the following key topics:

  • Diversity

  • Destroying Corporate Myths

  • Business Image

  • Concrete Ceiling

International Trade Missions

BWE partners and participates with sister organizations in their successful trade missions:

  • Euro American Women's Council (EAWC) - Annual trade mission to Greece.
  • Le Femme de Chefs de Enterprise Mondiales (FCEM) - Global Congress/Trade Missions

Special Interests Groups

Special Interest Group (SIG) will be charged to identify three prevalent obstacles in their industry/classification (see list below). Then the BWE Board of Directors will identify an expert to help the SIG overcome these challenges.

The list of the 13 SIG's are:

  • Child Care & Children Services
  • Consultants
  • Design, Construction & Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Education / Training
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Financial / Insurance / Real Estate
  • Health & Beauty
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Media / Publications
  • Professional Practice
  • Retail / Wholesale

For registration, additional information and fees, please contact us today.

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